You Make A Better Door Than A Girlfriend

by The Strait A's

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We had a lot of fun making this. Sometimes we yelled stuff before and after we recorded stuff. Called those 'keepers'.

We Are The Strait A's: What more can you say? Whoa oh.

Pretty Face: Maybe the meanest song I will ever write. Who's it about? I'll never tell. But it's Dave Coulier. Cut it out, you fuck.

Goin' Steady: Even now I don't know what the fuck to make of this song. Is it mean? Is it nice? It certainly tells a story, but it's like the stories my great uncle used to tell after he drank his homemade spanish fly that was equal parts lighter fluid and anitfreeze.

Frankenstein: Only song in our catalog written by one and sang by the other. Why would that happen? Well, 'cause Kat sings it better. And I originally wrote it for her other band. Also, she sings it better.


Who's It Gonna Be: We called in 4 pubescent boys to get the voice cracks right. Shit was a CHORE. But, in the end, if you're not gonna do it right, don't do it at all. Also, probably the best song I've ever written.


Originally released on the mighty Moonquake Records by our pal Sam North, who decided to put out our record after figuring out it would be funny to put out our record after we broke up.

True visionary, that one, and we sure do appreciate it.


released May 1, 2010

Recorded by Chad Weis at Devil's Workshop sometime before May 2009.

Kat Naden: Bass/Vocals/Toy Piano/'Gimme An A's
Nate Collis: Drums/Vocals/Other Guitar
Chris Johnson: Guitar/Vocals
Eli: 'Gimme An A's
Jake: 'Gimme An A's



all rights reserved


The Strait A's Minneapolis, Minnesota

Smart as shit, dumb as hell.

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Track Name: We Are The Strait A's
We Are The Strait A's
Whoa Oh
Track Name: You're So Much Less (Than Another Pretty Face)
Everything about you has got a tragic flaw
But you know I've got a problem and I know that you're the cause
You ain't ever given a second thought to that
Now your pretty little porcelain exterior is cracked
Oh when I first met you I thought you were beautiful
But now the awful hiding there inside you's coming through
Seeping from your pores onto the surface of your skin
You used to be a painting now you're uglier than sin

You're so much less than another pretty face
I'm sick of waiting for you to come around

I'm sick of crawling on my elbows through your shit
I'm sick of living in your little power trip
I'm gonna run right out and find another girl
Who's only ugly on the inside
Track Name: Goin' Steady
Everybody knows that you're my little baby
Cause you follow everywhere I go
But it's all a joke 'cause you just said maybe
When what you really meant was no
Putting on a show isn't bad if you're buying into
All the silly things you do
But you're gonna choke if you don't stop swallowing
All the shit I'm feeding you

When you fuck it up, well you get to believing
That you don't want another chance
But you change your tune every time you start thinking
Of that sweet, sarcastic smile she was wearing while she danced

Everybody knows that you left for a reason
But they don't quite know just what it is
But they get the point when they see you without me
And you say, "I was never really his."
I gave it some thought and with careful consideration
I decided it was true
And it's pretty clear that you're just about the worst thing
That ever happened to you

Baby, since you left well you know I've been drinking
And hanging out with all my friends
But when I'm alone throwing darts at your picture
I always get the urge to call you up and just start screaming

Don't give it another thought you've done enough already
Wish I could have told you that when we were going steady
Don't give it another thought cause now we're off and running
Wish I had the wherewithal to have seen you coming
Track Name: Frankenstein
Before we even met you'd gone and stolen my heart
Made me feel like more than just the sum of my parts
But lately you've been playing god with me, oh baby
You've been messing with my heart and with my soul
You made me a monster now I think you might be losing control

Before we even met you'd gone and stolen my heart
Not to mention everything else
Made me feel like more than just the sum of my parts
And then apart is just what everything fell
But you say no and you tell me all the reasons
Why you never could've acted such a fool
You're killing me with kindness
But your kindness really seems pretty cruel

Don't you know that I'm not your little Frankenstein
You put me together but I made up my own mind
You pulled my strings for a while, it's true
But now the strings you pulled are pullin' right back on you

I'm not your little Frankenstein
You put me together but I made up my own mind
You made me question everything that we had
And now I know your fire is bad
Track Name: Don't Put A Duncecap On My Heart
Don't do that, don't put a duncecap on my heart
Well, if you're trying to drive me nuts you're doing a pretty good job
If you wanna take somebody home don't just pick any slob
I'm not trying to sit here telling you something that you already know
But you know I know something and it's looking pretty bad now

I'm not really upset, it's just you know how we get
When we're dealing with morons
If you're after my heart, well you'd better get smart
Or at least just play along

It's a damn good thing you're so damn cute
'Cause nobody would tolerate you without a face
And without a place to back it up
How is it that you continue going on like this
You know you've got a problem but don't know what it is
You know you're barely above a mongoloid

I'm not really upset, it's just you know how we get
When we're dealing with morons
If you're after my heart, well you'd better get smart
Or at least just learn to play along
Take a break and observe that I grade on a curve
And you're below the bell, dear
I just don't understand how you possibly can
Keep on trying to stay with a man you know you're better than
Track Name: Who's It Gonna Be
I've been trying so hard to show you what I can be
But you're still steadfastly refusing to see
I wanna change this course I'm running on
But what can I do?
When I'm just so retarded over you
If you want someone who'll always love you truly
You know who it's gonna be

I ain't hiding anything 'cause I don't think it's a crime
That I feel like calling you all the time
I'm not referring to the telephone, I'm talking 'bout dibs
'Cause I don't want anyone else bogarting your lips

If you wonder who'll be waiting when you're ready
Well, it's gonna be me