Use Your Delusion

by The Strait A's

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This is totally our split with Rational Anthem. Those guys rule.
Our friend Nate did the hilarious artwork.
What? The songs? Fine.

Pet Project is really super fast. It is the first of many songs I wrote about imaginary people. It's about turning a puddle of drunken insanity into a nice lady. Like The King and I but with more half remembered blowjobs.

Pop Punk Boys Are Girls is a song that makes all of us shake in our Chuck Taylors. Truer words never spoken. If you like this band and think you aren't an overly emotional dingdong 80% of the time, you're a) Wrong, b) Stupid, and c) Stupid.

Last, also least, is Gotta Make The First Move. I wrote it about my future wife when we weren't even dating yet. FUCKING TIME MACHINE, MOTHERFUCKERS! Also, see what a bit of ingenuity and a catchy tune can do? It'll get you married as hell.



released March 15, 2009

Chris Johnson: Guitar/Vocals
Kat Naden: Bass/Vocals
Nate Collis: Drums/Vocals



all rights reserved


The Strait A's Minneapolis, Minnesota

Smart as shit, dumb as hell.

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Track Name: Pet Project
The only thing I ever wanted you to do
Is give it to me straight when we were through
But that turned out to be too much to ask of you
You said you'd love me til the end of time
But that turned out to be a fucking lie
'Cause the only one you'll love that long is you

It's like you're always saying
Praise means more from the really stuck up
But that's just not the way it looks
When you're on the floor and completely fucked up
Take 5, pull yourself together and
Wash that vomit out of your hair because
I'm gonna turn you into something respectable

Your my pet project, baby
Track Name: Pop Punk Boys Are Girls
Pop punk boys are girls

Silly songs about love is what gets them through the day
Broken hearted stories of the one who got away
Holding hands and movie nights
Making sure that she's okay

I'd go so far as to compare a pop punk boy
To Christina Aguilera
Track Name: Gotta Make The First Move
Oh, when we got going you know all of this was easy as pie
Everything came naturally and we didn't even have to try
Swore we'd keep it simple and as far as you know that's what we did
Oh but lately, baby, well I've started getting funny ideas

Don't go and take another little piece of my heart
If you want something to happen you already know how it's gonna start

You've gotta make the first move
You've gotta make it soon
I'm kinda falling apart inside
I can't handle any more of this
If you don't make the first move
I won't tell a soul
'Cause I'd rather have half of something than nothing at all

If you want me all you've gotta do is come and get me
And you know that's just a simple fact
Oh but if you don't well I'll just sit here hanging off
The monkey that's still hanging off your back