Strait A's​/​PBT Split

by The Strait A's

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4 songs on one side of a split? Impossible!
Wrong as usual, poindexter. We did the crap out of that.
The first song is about the lead singer of the band on the other side of the split. His name rhymes with Jesse Swan Thorson. They had to put us on separate sides because of all of the animosity. The second song is about the other person in the mix involving the lead singer of the band on the other side. We're all friends now.
Kat takes over then with a song that isn't a love song. Boy is it not. Instead it's an ode to not being a love song and the subject being a knob, which is kind of awesome.
What's that? You DON'T think it's awesome? Well, you also didn't think we could get 4 songs on one side of a split, so you're mostly wrong all the time. But, it's cool. Last song is just for you. I Said I Was Sorry is probably the prettiest and most complete way anyone will ever say "Fuck you."



released April 1, 2010

Kat Naden:Bass/Vocals
Chris Johnson: Guitar/Vocals
Nate Collis: Drums/Vocals

Recorded by Chad Weis at Devil's Workshop



all rights reserved


The Strait A's Minneapolis, Minnesota

Smart as shit, dumb as hell.

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Track Name: Disapointed
Listen up fuckface I've got something to tell you
Though it may not sit well with you
If you can't take it then to hell with you
'Cause you really let me down with this
Don't even wanna fuck around with this
You say you're sorry but I know it's bullshit
I'm not mad just disappointed

Why oh why
Do I think about it all the time
It ain't helping things along, I know
But that won't stop me
Why oh why
Is it never too far from my mind
I always try to be the better man
But with you around it's easy

I knew that someday someone would put me through that
I never thought it would be you that did it though
And now that all the facts are in
I realize I should've factored in the fallibility of guys like you
I'm not mad just disappointed

Now I know what to expect out of you from now on
Guess I was probably naive for thinking any different
Now I know just exactly where I stand with you
But you were always someone that I kinda looked up to
I'm not mad just disappointed
Track Name: Zombie Proof
I wonder if you knew that it would end this way
Would you do things any differently
Or would you keep it the same
'Cause if you had the chance to do it all again
And wouldn't deal yourself a better hand
Well then you don't have a brain
I thought it was just a momentary lapse for you
But then a pattern started coming through
And now I've figured it out
I know that you really don't think that you're in the wrong
But that's because you never think at all
And that's a matter of fact

I didn't know that you were zombie proof
I didn't know you had no brains
I didn't know that you were zombie proof
And now it all makes sense to me

If I knew I wouldn't have wasted all my time
Asking myself just what you were thinking
But now that it's over everything seems cut and dried
And the answer's obviously nothing
Track Name: Not A Love Song
Sitting in my room at home just sitting all alone
I wrote another stupid song and this is how it goes
It's kinda fast, it's kinda short, a big old fucking mess
But it's not about a stupid boy I think I like it best

It's not a love song, it's not about you
I've got other things to think about
I've got other things to do

Sitting in my room at home just staring at the wall
Not sitting by the fucking phone not caring if you call
Cause I've got better shit to do like write this fucking song
If you think you get another one you've got it fucking wrong cause

It's not a love song, it's not about you
I've got other things to think about
I've got other things, super awesome things to do
You're not that fucking cool
Track Name: I Said I Was Sorry
I'm sorry that I trashed your house
The last time you were out of town
That I burned and smashed up your TV
And all those pictures left of you and me
That still hung on your wall
That I answered all your calls and told your girlfriend we're in bed

And I'm sorry when you were delivering
From that place that's next to me
That I took your car and drove it through
The front of your new girlfriend's place
Guess you should've taken the key
The spare the gave to me
'Cause now you're unemployed

And I don't wanna get over you
No, I just wanna get back at you
Cause then it can all end
I can get back to my life

And you
Cause you won't pay attention to
These things that I do
So motherfucker fuck you