Some Kind Of Meownster

by The Strait A's

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released June 21, 2012

Kat: Bass/Vocals
Chris: Guitar/Vocals
Nate: Drums/Vocals/Extra Guitar On 2 Songs
Downstairs Dave: Drums/Cheering
Eli/Phoenix/Kat: "Gimme An A's"

Recorded by Chad Weis at Devil's Workshop and Chris Johnson at Kat's House/Jesse's Practice Space right by where Devil's Workshop was.



all rights reserved


The Strait A's Minneapolis, Minnesota

Smart as shit, dumb as hell.

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Track Name: Best Defense
I know it probably seems like the world makes no sense
You did everything and it made no difference
You still got your heart broken into pieces
Now it's time to stop all of your bloodletting
And try to decide on a brand new heading
You deserve a lot of things you're not getting now

It's killing me seeing you like this
Dying on the inside, trying not to fight it
It's killing me seeing you like this
On your own

I know that it seems like it's all unwinding
Slipping through your hands even as they tighten
But you're still alive and the sun's still shining
You're too strong to let a thing like this beat you
You've got too much heart to let a broke one keep you
From not giving up on a world that needs you now

It's killing me seeing you like this
Sinking with the ship 'cause you don't know how to right it
It's killing me seeing you like this
On your own, but you're not alone

If you could only see what I do then you'd agree
There's a lot more promise here than you might think
There will come a day when you honestly can say
That you're better off this way although it stinks
Take it as it comes and don't let yourself get numb
There's no need to bang your head against the wall
I know you've been burned but in time you're gonna learn
That the best defense is no defense at all
Track Name: Hardkorean
I remember meeting her
As cute as she was short with rockin' tattoos everywhere
You know I was in awe of her
How could 80 pounds of girl hold 90 pounds of "I don't care?"
Little Tijuana's is where we wound up together
But little did I know it had moved south of the equator
East of the meridian and later by a day
Because I'd just fallen for a girl the southeast asian way

And she's my little porcelain sweetie
Straight from the south China sea
If she ever left she'd be disorienting me
She's my jade eyed cutie
She's got so much Seoul you see
She's a hardkorean and she's all I'll ever need
Track Name: Teenage Bottle Rocket War
The fuse is lit and burning
It's time to start the running

But I'm so sick of running
My friend you know it's true
I'm so sick of running from you
Track Name: Anatomy
You've got two of nearly everything including eyes and ears and arms
Feet and legs and hands and lungs, but just a single heart
You know that mine is beating just for you and all your parts
Be they one or two or thirty six like your teeth are

Split right down the middle you've got perfect symmetry
And inverted mitochondria that take my energy
Baby, don't you know we're going down in history
Well it's gonna be anato-you and anatomy

Oh it's pretty clever whoever put you together
did it just for me

I wanna be with your anatomy
I love you from the inside out, yeah
I wanna be with your anatomy
I finally got the nerve to tell you
Track Name: Don't (Call People Fag)
Kittens and unicorns? Don't fucking push me ever

When I'm sitting here at home
I wonder where you are
When I go out to a show
I know you won't be there
When I'm calling people names
You know it's not the same
Without you to call them fag

I'm wasting time again
Just wasting time 'cause it makes a good story
I'm wasting time til I can see you again
You may think I'm I little out of line
By saying nothing really seems to matter
But it's all just a waste of time til I get to waste some time on you

When I'm drinking every night
When I'm getting into fights
That's when I know you're not around
When I pass out in the yard
You know it's not the same
When someone else calls me retarded

And maybe I should try just a little bit harder
And maybe moving on would feel a little better
But baby you already heard me say that I don't want to
And I won't move on unless I'm moving on to you
Track Name: Kiddie Pool
Slap a smile on your face, a swimming suit on your waist
We're having fun today
We'll be soaking from noon until our fingers are pruned
And we've shown you a new way
While you're out making plans and starting terrible bands
And drowning in the deep end
We'll be having fun in the kiddie pool
Track Name: Go Away
Things have been fucked here for a while now
Sometimes it's fine or so it seems
But then you have some dumb reaction
And there's just one thing I can say
I hope you go away

Go away, cause I'm staying
No one cares about the stupid shit you're saying
Fuck you, you're an idiot
And I don't even like you anymore

La lalala la laLA la la lalala la la lalala lalala
Track Name: Pet Project
The only thing I ever wanted you to do
Is give it to me straight when we were through
But that turned out to be too much to ask of you
You said you'd love me til the end of time
But that turned out to be a fucking lie
'Cause the only one you'll love that long is you

It's like you're always saying
Praise means more from the really stuck up
But that's just not the way it looks
When you're on the floor and completely fucked up
Take 5, pull yourself together and
Wash that vomit out of your hair because
I'm gonna turn you into something respectable

Your my pet project, baby
Track Name: Pop Punk Boys Are Girls
Pop punk boys are girls

Silly songs about love is what gets them through the day
Broken hearted stories of the one who got away
Holding hands and movie nights
Making sure that she's okay

I'd go so far as to compare a pop punk boy
To Christina Aguilera
Track Name: Gotta Make The First Move
Oh, when we got going you know all of this was easy as pie
Everything came naturally and we didn't even have to try
Swore we'd keep it simple and as far as you know that's what we did
Oh but lately, baby, well I've started getting funny ideas

Don't go and take another little piece of my heart
If you want something to happen you already know how it's gonna start

You've gotta make the first move
You've gotta make it soon
I'm kinda falling apart inside
I can't handle any more of this
If you don't make the first move
I won't tell a soul
'Cause I'd rather have half of something than nothing at all

If you want me all you've gotta do is come and get me
And you know that's just a simple fact
Oh but if you don't well I'll just sit here hanging off
The monkey that's still hanging off your back
Track Name: Disapointed (sic)
Listen up fuckface I've got something to tell you
Though it may not sit well with you
If you can't take it then to hell with you
'Cause you really let me down with this
Don't even wanna fuck around with this
You say you're sorry but I know it's bullshit
I'm not mad just disappointed

Why oh why
Do I think about it all the time
It ain't helping things along, I know
But that won't stop me
Why oh why
Is it never too far from my mind
I always try to be the better man
But with you around it's easy

I knew that someday someone would put me through that
I never thought it would be you that did it though
And now that all the facts are in
I realize I should've factored in the fallibility of guys like you
I'm not mad just disappointed

Now I know what to expect out of you from now on
Guess I was probably naive for thinking any different
Now I know just exactly where I stand with you
But you were always someone that I kinda looked up to
I'm not mad just disappointed
Track Name: Zombie Proof
I wonder if you knew that it would end this way
Would you do things any differently
Or would you keep it the same
'Cause if you had the chance to do it all again
And wouldn't deal yourself a better hand
Well then you don't have a brain
I thought it was just a momentary lapse for you
But then a pattern started coming through
And now I've figured it out
I know that you really don't think that you're in the wrong
But that's because you never think at all
And that's a matter of fact

I didn't know that you were zombie proof
I didn't know you had no brains
I didn't know that you were zombie proof
And now it all makes sense to me

If I knew I wouldn't have wasted all my time
Asking myself just what you were thinking
But now that it's over everything seems cut and dried
And the answer's obviously nothing
Track Name: Not A Love Song
Sitting in my room at home just sitting all alone
I wrote another stupid song and this is how it goes
It's kinda fast, it's kinda short, a big old fucking mess
But it's not about a stupid boy I think I like it best

It's not a love song, it's not about you
I've got other things to think about
I've got other things to do

Sitting in my room at home just staring at the wall
Not sitting by the fucking phone not caring if you call
Cause I've got better shit to do like write this fucking song
If you think you get another one you've got it fucking wrong cause

It's not a love song, it's not about you
I've got other things to think about
I've got other things, super awesome things to do
You're not that fucking cool
Track Name: I Said I Was Sorry
I'm sorry that I trashed your house
The last time you were out of town
That I burned and smashed up your TV
And all those pictures left of you and me
That still hung on your wall
That I answered all your calls and told your girlfriend we're in bed

And I'm sorry when you were delivering
From that place that's next to me
That I took your car and drove it through
The front of your new girlfriend's place
Guess you should've taken the key
The spare the gave to me
'Cause now you're unemployed

And I don't wanna get over you
No, I just wanna get back at you
Cause then it can all end
I can get back to my life

And you
Cause you won't pay attention to
These things that I do
So motherfucker fuck you
Track Name: We Are The Strait A's
We Are The Strait A's

Whoa oh
Track Name: You're So Much Less (Than Another Pretty Face)
Everything about you has got a tragic flaw
But you know I've got a problem and I know that you're the cause
You ain't ever given a second thought to that
Now your pretty little porcelain exterior is cracked
Oh when I first met you I thought you were beautiful
But now the awful hiding there inside you's coming through
Seeping from your pores onto the surface of your skin
You used to be a painting now you're uglier than sin

You're so much less than another pretty face
I'm sick of waiting for you to come around

I'm sick of crawling on my elbows through your shit
I'm sick of living in your little power trip
I'm gonna run right out and find another girl
Who's only ugly on the inside
Track Name: Goin' Steady
Everybody knows that you're my little baby
Cause you follow everywhere I go
But it's all a joke 'cause you just said maybe
When what you really meant was no
Putting on a show isn't bad if you're buying into
All the silly things you do
But you're gonna choke if you don't stop swallowing
All the shit I'm feeding you

When you fuck it up, well you get to believing
That you don't want another chance
But you change your tune every time you start thinking
Of that sweet, sarcastic smile she was wearing while she danced

Everybody knows that you left for a reason
But they don't quite know just what it is
But they get the point when they see you without me
And you say, "I was never really his."
I gave it some thought and with careful consideration
I decided it was true
And it's pretty clear that you're just about the worst thing
That ever happened to you

Baby, since you left well you know I've been drinking
And hanging out with all my friends
But when I'm alone throwing darts at your picture
I always get the urge to call you up and just start screaming

Don't give it another thought you've done enough already
Wish I could have told you that when we were going steady
Don't give it another thought cause now we're off and running
Wish I had the wherewithal to have seen you coming
Track Name: Frankenstein
Before we even met you'd gone and stolen my heart
Made me feel like more than just the sum of my parts
But lately you've been playing god with me, oh baby
You've been messing with my heart and with my soul
You made me a monster now I think you might be losing control

Before we even met you'd gone and stolen my heart
Not to mention everything else
Made me feel like more than just the sum of my parts
And then apart is just what everything fell
But you say no and you tell me all the reasons
Why you never could've acted such a fool
You're killing me with kindness
But your kindness really seems pretty cruel

Don't you know that I'm not your little Frankenstein
You put me together but I made up my own mind
You pulled my strings for a while, it's true
But now the strings you pulled are pullin' right back on you

I'm not your little Frankenstein
You put me together but I made up my own mind
You made me question everything that we had
And now I know your fire is bad
Track Name: Don't Put A Duncecap On My Heart
Don't do that, don't put a duncecap on my heart
Well, if you're trying to drive me nuts you're doing a pretty good job
If you wanna take somebody home don't just pick any slob
I'm not trying to sit here telling you something that you already know
But you know I know something and it's looking pretty bad now

I'm not really upset, it's just you know how we get
When we're dealing with morons
If you're after my heart, well you'd better get smart
Or at least just play along

It's a damn good thing you're so damn cute
'Cause nobody would tolerate you without a face
And without a place to back it up
How is it that you continue going on like this
You know you've got a problem but don't know what it is
You know you're barely above a mongoloid

I'm not really upset, it's just you know how we get
When we're dealing with morons
If you're after my heart, well you'd better get smart
Or at least just learn to play along
Take a break and observe that I grade on a curve
And you're below the bell, dear
I just don't understand how you possibly can
Keep on trying to stay with a man you know you're better than
Track Name: Who's It Gonna Be?
I've been trying so hard to show you what I can be
But you're still steadfastly refusing to see
I wanna change this course I'm running on
But what can I do?
When I'm just so retarded over you
If you want someone who'll always love you truly
You know who it's gonna be

I ain't hiding anything 'cause I don't think it's a crime
That I feel like calling you all the time
I'm not referring to the telephone, I'm talking 'bout dibs
'Cause I don't want anyone else bogarting your lips

If you wonder who'll be waiting when you're ready
Well, it's gonna be me
Track Name: Having Fun
I remember the way you used to look at me
I'd tell you I miss it but you already know
I remember the day when you walked out on me
I'd tell you it's different but you'd still wanna go
You won't like what I've got to say
I never liked you anyway
There was a time when I thought we could coexist and be friends
But now the only thing I want from you is nothing

I remember the time we spent together then
I loved every minute you were watching the clock
You said that we'd be together through the thick and thin
I always stood by you then you just took a walk
There's nothing left for me to do
But get the hell away from you
I know you probably think that I'm just being petty and mean
But you're the idiot who asked me how I'm feeling

But if you want the truth, baby, here it is
I'm falling apart at the seams
And now my only real consolation
Is that if I ever see you again I'll get to say

I hope you're having fun doing all of the stuff
You always used to swear you'd never get into
But remember that I knew you before this happened to you
And even though I'm trying I just can't seem to care

If there's a soul inside you it doesn't show
I'm getting better, baby, at letting go
Now my only consolation
Is that if I ever see you again I'll get to say

You're out of my way
I'm doing okay
I've got no complaints
Because I'm on my own today
Track Name: Another Song I'll Probably Regret
Never knew how useless I'd be
Trying to get a grip of you equals minus me
Not too bad at math, not usually
But here I am just trying to get it

Trying to figure how we lost our symmetry
Fucked shit up and you would get mad at me
It'd even out but now it seems to be
You're taking off, I still don't get it

Now I'm wondering how things could go so wrong
But now I know it doesn't matter 'cause, baby, you're still gone

And now I know it doesn't matter anyway
And now I know it won't amount to anything
Now I know so just go
It'll be okay
Track Name: Gettin' Drunk
Gettin' drunk, gettin' real fucked up
How drunk? Real drunk.
Track Name: William Tell
Got a trash can on your head
A beer can in your hand
Drank all day and came up with an awesome little plan
I'll shoot one from yours
If you'll shoot one from mine
At least it sounded like a good idea at the time

And now I'm not Tellin' anybody but you
Track Name: Blood Boiling Poison
Don't know why you do this to me
Guess I should've thought twice
Don't know why you'd make a fool outta me
For the rest of my life
Second thoughts never come that quick to me
Especially when I was wrong
Guess you could say I'll know better next time
We all know that I won't
But here we are squared up to go
Waiting for your first move
We can tell just by the looks of this
This time I'm gonna lose

You know I'm getting sick of being
What the better class would call a piece of shit
But I'm nothing if not a busy man
And I can't seem to find the time to quit
I'm not saying that I'm not to blame but
I don't think that everything's my fault
Cause every time I hear your siren's song
I guess I'm always gonna take the call
Cause after all you're all I want and

I know that everything gets fucked up
But I'm not going anywhere
And everything might be a train wreck
But I'm not going anywhere
And I don't even really wanna have this talk 'cause
Well, I'm not going anywhere
I don't know what I would do without you
So I'm not going anywhere