Detention Span

by The Strait A's

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We recorded this in a day and a half. 2 if you count re-doing some of the vocals.
Both drummers had never played with us before.
We had fun. A lot of fun.

Best Defense: Holy hell. Even though it's just Canon In D spit through some powerchords with harmonies added, kinda still kicks you in the nuts.

Hardkorean: Not about Kat. She's not even Korean, you goddamn racist. She's Filipino. Garbage Island represent, son! I will say, though, you'll be hard pressed to find another pop punk song that mentions the prime meridian. High brow, that's our jam.

Teenage Bottle Rocket War: Written as a dare. A fucking DARE. We received said dare the night before our second show. The dare was to write a song before the show. We did, and this was it. Oh, it's about a bottle rocket war to end all bottle rocket wars. We were in the shit that night, my friend. Kat was walking wounded. I fragged a general. I don't like talking about it even today.

Anatomy: Okay, I like puns, do you get that? Chock full of 'em, this one. I took some heat for the line "I love you from the inside out, yeah" more than once. But, come ON you guys! The whole song is about anatomy, not deep dickin'. So let's all be civilized and just enjoy a sappy love song with science all over it. For once.

Don't (Call People Fag): Kat swears I told her the parenthesis would be funny. Now, I DO think they are funny, but I don't remember saying that. The song itself is pretty badass. Reconstituted from a song she wrote for a lucky fella's birthday, as I recall. Good stuff. Storytellers shit right there. I always liked it because of the beginning. Kat thinks she can scream better, but I think it's aces.

Kiddie Pool: Fuck you, lead singer of another band that wasn't very good to start with! How dare you mock the best show happening in Minneapolis in 2006. Know what? You just earned yourself a nasty song. Gonna call it Kiddie Pool. See how you feel about THAT.
Originally released on Johann's Face Records out of Chicago by our pal Marc Ruvolo, who decided to put out our record after seeing us get into a cake fight during a show.
True visionary, that one, and we sure do appreciate it.


released May 1, 2007

Chris Johnson: Guitar/Vocals
Kat Naden: Bass/Vocals
Nate Collis: Drums/Shouting
Dave Brockschmidt: Drums

Recorded by Chad Weis at Devil's Workshop.



all rights reserved


The Strait A's Minneapolis, Minnesota

Smart as shit, dumb as hell.

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Track Name: Best Defense
I know it probably seems like the world makes no sense
You did everything and it made no difference
You still got your heart broken into pieces
Now it's time to stop all of your bloodletting
And try to decide on a brand new heading
You deserve a lot of things you're not getting now

It's killing me seeing you like this
Dying on the inside, trying not to fight it
It's killing me seeing you like this
On your own

I know that it seems like it's all unwinding
Slipping through your hands even as they tighten
But you're still alive and the sun's still shining
You're too strong to let a thing like this beat you
You've got too much heart to let a broke one keep you
From not giving up on a world that needs you now

It's killing me seeing you like this
Sinking with the ship 'cause you don't know how to right it
It's killing me seeing you like this
On your own, but you're not alone

If you could only see what I do then you'd agree
There's a lot more promise here than you might think
There will come a day when you honestly can say
That you're better off this way although it stinks
Take it as it comes and don't let yourself get numb
There's no need to bang your head against the wall
I know you've been burned but in time you're gonna learn
That the best defense is no defense at all
Track Name: Hard Korean
I remember meeting her
As cute as she was short with rockin' tattoos everywhere
You know I was in awe of her
How could 80 pounds of girl hold 90 pounds of "I don't care?"
Little Tijuana's is where we wound up together
But little did I know it had moved south of the equator
East of the meridian and later by a day
Because I'd just fallen for a girl the southeast asian way

And she's my little porcelain sweetie
Straight from the south China sea
If she ever left she'd be disorienting me
She's my jade eyed cutie
She's got so much Seoul you see
She's a hardkorean and she's all I'll ever need
Track Name: Teenage Bottle Rocket War
The fuse is lit and burning
It's time to start the running

But I'm so sick of running
My friend you know it's true
I'm so sick of running from you
Track Name: Anatomy
You've got two of nearly everything including eyes and ears and arms
Feet and legs and hands and lungs, but just a single heart
You know that mine is beating just for you and all your parts
Be they one or two or thirty six like your teeth are

Split right down the middle you've got perfect symmetry
And inverted mitochondria that take my energy
Baby, don't you know we're going down in history
Well it's gonna be anato-you and anatomy

Oh it's pretty clever whoever put you together
did it just for me

I wanna be with your anatomy
I love you from the inside out, yeah
I wanna be with your anatomy
I finally got the nerve to tell you
Track Name: Don't (Call People Fag)
Kittens and unicorns? Don't fucking push me ever

When I'm sitting here at home
I wonder where you are
When I go out to a show
I know you won't be there
When I'm calling people names
You know it's not the same
Without you to call them fag

I'm wasting time again
Just wasting time 'cause it makes a good story
I'm wasting time til I can see you again
You may think I'm I little out of line
By saying nothing really seems to matter
But it's all just a waste of time til I get to waste some time on you

When I'm drinking every night
When I'm getting into fights
That's when I know you're not around
When I pass out in the yard
You know it's not the same
When someone else calls me retarded

And maybe I should try just a little bit harder
And maybe moving on would feel a little better
But baby you already heard me say that I don't want to
And I won't move on unless I'm moving on to you

Don't call people fag
Track Name: Kiddie Pool
Slap a smile on your face, a swimming suit on your waist
We're having fun today
We'll be soaking from noon until our fingers are pruned
And we've shown you a new way
While you're out making plans and starting terrible bands
And drowning in the deep end
We'll be having fun in the kiddie pool